Learning management system

Viewclass is an interactive learning environment that has a smart E-learning system which provides interactive tools and libraries containing different sources of knowledge.

Our educational system is a comprehensive model based on the vision of 21 st century learning outcomes. This happens according to international standards and practices for each component of the educational process. All in all, values are embedded into behavioral skills to which learners can become acquainted till they become a part of their lifestyle.

philosophy of E-learning

The philosophy of E-learning adopted by (viewclass) is based on the principle of interaction and effective communication between the parties of the educational process. It also offers an interactive learning environment that attracts students' attention and encourages them to exchange views and experiences.


Cloud service

available anywhere , Secure And Reliable. Technical support is available 24/7.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interfaces and ease of updating, such as moving all students to a higher level of education


Multiple educational resources, interactively, in Arabic and English.

Update annually

Development according to the requirements of schools without cost.

Added value

Viewclass delivers comprehensive technical services and support for the whole educational process. When using Viewclass , the learners acquire technical skills that help them make use of the virtual world of learning. These skills help them work on research, problem-solving, information processing, and communication for learning in a high-quality environment that is user-friendly.
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Educational solutions

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Manage students' attendance.

Notify management and parents of students attendance and participation.

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Students' behavioral

Manage all students' behavioral records.

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Marks Management

With the ability to prepare marks dynamically according to the approved system of the school.

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Every single user can create an e-portfolios that can easily be shared on other social networks.

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Educational materials, classified between visual and audio, books, etc... and can be shared.

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Motivation Points

Points will be awarded to students and teachers whenever they interact with any content, which enable them to obtain valuable rewards.

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Learning Management System

School timetable, alternative teacher, teacher performance tracking.

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Content Management System

Cooperative learning strategies, Question Bank and assessment Tools.

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Generate multiple reports and charts of students data.

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For any event you have with full description of the event date, and banner image.

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every certificate is verified by a unique QR code

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create surveys to all students, teachers and collect data and opinions to extract any insights needed.